Understanding Team Dynamics Through InstantDebriefing

PIETER VAN PROOIJEN – A basic understanding of the undercurrent within team dynamics enables team performance. An undercurrent manifests itself when ‘something’ is going on, but we do not know exactly where it’s coming from. Using a metaphor and asking about unwritten rules usually helps to address an undercurrent, as explained in The undercurrent in […]

The undercurrent in teams – diving into the team dynamics

It is common knowledge that there is a lot more going on in teams than what is on the formal agenda. Team dynamics are invisible patterns of behavior that strongly influence the visible performance of a team. If you want to be an effective team leader, you need to get to grips with this otherwise elusive […]

Collaborate online in a virtual team

Joitske Hulsebosch and Sibrenne Wagenaar – Working in a virtual team differs from working in a normal, co-located team. Building relationships, sharing information, making decisions, working together; these group processes will have new dynamics in a virtual environment. How should you set up a virtual team, using social media to support online interaction? Does working together […]

Six steps on the intervention ladder of the team coach

Sometimes I facilitate a team and I don’t actually need to do much. Just my presence, a curious look, a surprising nod, the setting, the agenda, attention: it does the job. Or rather: the team does it. In other situations I need to intervene. A group intervention is always a disturbance, and just like on […]